Parking Lot & Warehouse Services


Parking Lot Striping-


Get your parking lot or parking garage professionally striped. We can re-stripe old lines, or lay out lines for new construction by the blueprint. We do fire lanes, handicap spaces, cross walks, curbs, arrows etc. We even know how to do personalized signs for managers or designated parking areas. We can do custom jobs best fit for you with custom sign sizes and colors. We can also add beads for reflective properties and use non-slip paint additives for curbs and walk ways. Call for more info and free estimates!











Indoor Warehouse Striping-


Striping your warehouse or indoor facility is beneficial to designate areas such as : pedestrians walk ways, fork lift driveways and parking areas.





Facility Image Upkeep-


We can help keep your facilities looking presentable to your customers. This will let your clients know how important your image is to them. We use a product called seal skin that adheres to all metal surfaces



Parking Lot Line Removal-


Old parking lot lines become chipped and start to come up from time and weathering. We can take away that eye sore by removing the lines before putting down new ones.













Seal Coating will preserve your asphalt. It will also help to have a more inviting presence and make the designated parking spaces stand out tremendously. Seal Coating will help keep water from seeping down into the asphalt. This can cause future cracks in your surface from weathering and erosion. Seal Coating can help prevent this process from ever starting. Constant wear and tear of your asphalt will cause cracks that will eventually form into pot holes.


Seal Coating will help prevent damage to your asphalt from :


-Gas and Oil

-Weathering and Erosion

-Oxidation from the suns ultraviolet rays





Wheel Stops & Speed Bumps-


We can install wheel stops and speed bumps for your parking lot or garage. They come in a variety of different colors and sizes. We can install concrete wheel stops (picture on left) or 100% recycled plastic wheel stops (picture on right). Call for more info and free estimates

Handicap Signage-


We know how to properly install all of your handicap signage including post for the metal signs infront of the wheel stops. We can install them into the concrete slab (seen in pic below) 

We also have a few other placement options. (Call for more info)



Parking Lot Sweeping & Portering-

Our parking lot sweepers have a 3 stage dust filtration system and can pick up a wide variety of dirt, debris, and litter out of your parking lot or garage. Our units can fit into any size parking garage. We can also clean out your garage bins and replace bags. Ask about a package deal to surface clean your entrances and walk ways to remove gum, grease, oil, dirt and even rust!

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