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Asphalt Paving & Repair

Asphalt Paving And Repairs

Keeping your asphalt looking new is critical to your parking lot's appearance. This can drive more customers into your business or make your facilities look more presentable.  It is also good to eliminate the risk involved with failed asphalt that has cracked and formed potholes. This will ensure that your facilities are not liable for damage to cars and also not at risk for medical liability ( rolling your ankle from stepping into a pothole).  We offer a full-depth repair to fix this problem.

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-Asphalt Paving

From new construction asphalt paving to repairing existing asphalt.

We do it all.  

We have different methods for different situations the include :

-Asphalt Overlay (Machine laying new asphalt over existing)

-Remove and Replace (Removing existing asphalt, repairing sub base, and machine laying new asphalt

-Repair (We can sawcut and remove failed areas and perform a full depth

repair, repairing potholes/ cracking etc)







Asphalt Maintenance

Sealcoating and Crack Filling













There are different variables that can cause your asphalt to age and look deteriorated:


- The sun's UV rays- The sun and heat can bake the oils out of your asphalt and cause it to become brittle, crack, and form potholes.


- Weathering and Erosion- (Rain and snow)


- High Vehicle Traffic


We can pour new asphalt or make your old asphalt look new again! We can perform crack filling & patching or use an overlay if you're on a limited budget

Seal Coating-


Sealcoating your asphalt driveway or parking lot is imperative to uphold the structural integrity of your pavement surface. Avoiding seal coating can be extremely detrimental to your pavement.


These are the reasons why:


1. Prevents water intrusion beneath the surface.

Because almost all sealer contains fine aggregate (usually silica sand or Black Beauty boiler slag) sealcoating fills the hairline cracks that are an early sign of asphalt aging. By filling these cracks you’re reducing the likelihood that water will be able to find its way beneath the asphalt pavement surface – and the longer you can keep water out, the longer your pavement will last.


2. Slows deterioration from oxidation.

While you can’t prevent oxidation – the deterioration of the asphalt binder resulting from exposure to the air and the sun’s ultra-violet rays – timely sealcoating slows it. Oxidation causes the pavement to become brittle, makes it easier for cracks to occur and to grow more quickly, and enables other deterioration as well. Applying sealer to the pavement surface adds a layer of protection on top of that asphalt binder so it’s the sealer that takes the exposure to air and sun and not the binder itself. Regular application of sealer – generally every two or three years depending on region and traffic flow – will extend the life of your pavement.


3. Protects the asphalt binder from oils and gasoline.

Because asphalt is petroleum-based, any petroleum-based liquid that leaks on it will essentially “join” with the binder and soften the asphalt. That opens the door to even quicker and possibly more-extensive damage to the pavement. (If you’ve ever seen the black spots near the parking blocks in parking spaces – oil spots – you’ve seen the damage leaks can cause). Sealcoating will protect your pavement from leaks of this type. Note: If your parking lot contains any of those black oil spots they must be repaired prior to being sealcoated. Failure to adequately repair oil spots means the sealer will have no impact on those areas of the pavement and any damage will continue to spread.


4. Enhances skid-resistance.

As asphalt pavement ages the “fines” – tiny sand-size particles – are the first things to wear away. Applying sealer that contains sand or boiler slag not only helps lock those fines in place but also replenishes the fines on the surface, providing some additional traction.


5. Enhances flexibility.

Asphalt pavement is termed a “flexible” surface as opposed to concrete pavement, which is “rigid.” When cars and trucks drive over asphalt pavement it essentially flexes (microscopically) under their weight. As pavement ages and becomes brittle the pavement flexes less and traffic can create cracks. By applying sealer regularly you help the pavement retain its flexibility and slow its path to brittleness.


6. Enables easier pavement cleaning.

While this isn’t a benefit to the physical pavement, it can be helpful. If you don’t think it’s true take a push broom and sweep your concrete sidewalk – then take the broom and sweep a section of sealcoated pavement. Where the concrete tugs on the broom the sealed pavement allows the broom to slide easily over the surface.


7. Extends pavement life.

The combined impact of all these things that sealcoating does to a pavement is that it extends pavement life. A well-constructed asphalt pavement can last well beyond 15 years when properly maintained. And sealcoating is an essential part of that maintenance process.


8. Saves you money! 

Your parking lot is possibly the single most-costly investment on the property, so anything you can do to extend its life (thereby reducing its life-cycle cost) helps give you more bang for your investment. Research has shown that over a 15-year period a properly maintained 10,000-sq.-ft. parking lot can save a property manager $120,000 when compared to the same parking lot that is not maintained. How’s that for the benefit of sealcoating and proper pavement maintenance?


But there’s even one more benefit to sealcoating – and that’s aesthetics, or  “curb appeal.” You want your property to look its best . Sealcoating provides a fresh, black, clean appearance – and when topped off by fresh pavement marking your parking lot looks great. In most cases it’s the first thing people see, So by sealcoating and striping  you are letting your property make a great first impression. 


This process is recommended every 2-3 years to keep your asphalt looking its best and help prevent it from aging

We offer competitive pricing and can cut costs to beat bids where other companies can't

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